The latest Mirasys VMS v7.5

The Mirasys VMS 7.5.2 has been designed to improve usability and enhances features performance:

  • Bigger icons in search plug-ins to make the navigation easier
  • New Thumbnail Search: you are now able to perform a visual thumbnail search for camera footage in a specific time range. You can specify the number of thumbnails you want to search and go on searching within the selected thumbnail
  • Camera Carousel: allows a real time mini camera tour in Spotter grid. This feature is particular useful with the Mirasys Agile Virtual Matrix (AVM)
  • New ultra-fast file export format, Secure Export Format (SEF), delivers authentic video quickly for court evidence or internal inspections
  • New “TabShare” feature for saving and sharing tab settings, particularly helpful within large size applications to reduce settings time

Camera carousel

Mirasys VMS v 7.4.5 new features and improvements

Mirasys VMS 7.4.5 – the Spotter interface is even more user friendly and feature rich to help you manage your security system efficiently:

– With the new Spotter Mixed Playback Mode users can simultaneously view live and playback recordings in the same tab
Mirasys Spotter can now be used as a standalone media player – there is no need for a server connection. Watch the video
– New feature improvements to joystick controls and the ability to share comments on Alarm events with Spotter Bookmarks plus Built-in Help for users. Watch the video
– Automatic Port Forwarding eliminates the need to carry out manual router configuration for each server or client separately
– 360 degree camera support in Mirasys Spotter now includes Axis, Bosch, Samsung and Vivotek, in addition to Pelco and Oncam Grandeye.

To find out more or to try out demo software contact



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