Contingency planning

The goal of contingency planning is to be prepared, so that in the event of an emergency you can respond efficiently; building a resilient infrastructure minimises the impact of any disruption of critical functions. The process to develop and maintain an IT contingency plan is based on the following steps: – Develop the contingency planning policy … More Contingency planning

Easy integrations possible with Mirasys VMS

To make integration with third party devices easy and to help expand your surveillance system with new functionalities, Mirasys provides you with a Software Develop Kit (SDK).  Mirasys SDK package includes programming applications to control, communicate and exchange data with multiple systems such as access control, intruder alarm, fire alarms, POS, ATM and alarm monitoring … More Easy integrations possible with Mirasys VMS

Bandwidth – getting it right to maximise your IP system

When dealing with security systems you will often find yourself working with large amounts of data that has to be transported across networks from camera to server to viewing station. All of this data has to be managed and accounted for or viewing and recording quality will drop. A number of tech support calls result … More Bandwidth – getting it right to maximise your IP system

Mirasys Storyboard – export one single video and reduce bandwidth

In the previous blog we covered how to export media in order to preserve the data or to hand it over to the authorities for evidence. The way we present the exported footage has become increasingly important. With high resolution cameras and digital zoom being used to enhance footage within our interface Spotter, often it … More Mirasys Storyboard – export one single video and reduce bandwidth

Searching Footage

Most security cameras are  unmonitored, they are there to record events and not used to alert security of events in progress. This makes it important that any user can search footage at increased speeds and search for events that they may have otherwise missed. If a car is broken into at a  car park then … More Searching Footage

Backing Up Settings

To back up everything you need to locate and copy the key files shown below to a pendrive and keep the pendrive in a safe place separate from the machine: The ‘Mirasys VMS X.X.X – Full Setup’ This could be ‘Mirasys VMS X.X.X – Minimum Setup’ where the X.X.X refers to the version number installed. … More Backing Up Settings