Hints and Tips – Setting up Sentinel ARC

In this post we show you how to integrate the Sentinel Alarm Monitoring Centre with Mirasys VMS. 
Make sure that you have Sentinel WebService SMEventProvider enabled on the Mirasys Enterplicense. If you are using Mirasys VMS 7, you need to install Sentinel v 7.3.X.
A Sentinel Profile and User will be needed in Mirasys. Add all the cameras to the Sentinel profile and remove all the folders.
Create a User Group called Sentinel and a User called Sentinel; add the Sentinel Profile to it.
Select the Administrators Group and click the Spanner; move the Sentinel Profile from the left box to the right box.
With the Sentinel group selected press the Create User button. Remember to set the password and configure it in Sentinel.
You need to enable the Sentinel event provider in:
c:\program files (x86)\DVMS\SystemManagement\SMEventProviders\SMEventProviderSentinelWebService.xml<Enabled value=”true”/>
Also set the other communication parameters according to the Sentinel web service available. The Profile and Username should match the one you have created in Mirasys.

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