Hints and Tips – Setting up a Master/Slave server

When using a single Mirasys server it is easy to view all the cameras in the Spotter client software. But when using multiple servers you are faced with the prospect of having to know which server the camera you want to view is on to be able to view that camera. If it is on a different server to the one you are connected to, you have to disconnect and then connect to the other server to view it.

To solve this Mirasys operates a master-slave relationship set up where the Master is aware of the slave machines but the slave(s) aren’t aware of the master. You can add more than 1 slave to a master and log in from more than 1 client machine (limits are license based).

You create this relationship by going to the master and adding the slave machine to it. In System Manager go to the Recorders tab in top left click the Add Recorder button (small green + with a black box).

In the window that appears you can enter a name for the slave machine that you are adding (choose something simple and of meaning).
Then enter the slave machines IP address.
Password is not set by default.
Untick Recorder failover at the bottom (unless you using failover).

You can now see and configure the slave machine from the master. Where local Recorder is my Master and Slave1 is my slave machine.

Once you have added all the slave machines to the master (as shown above), the slave machines will still be unware that they are in this setup and should remain with only 1 recorder in their System Manager.


As part of this set up the master server can see all the devices from its slave machines and using the profiles it is possible to view all the cameras and devices from the master server. If you go to the Profiles tab, select a profile or create a new one, go to devices and use the Source drop down box and the slave recorder and all its available devices/cameras will now be available to you.

To gain access via Spotter the user simply needs to log into the master, when using a client machine you can load Spotter. Using the + you can add a new server to connect too. The – removes servers and the cog lets you edit a connections.

Using the same concept you can then configure the slave machine from the master. the user just needs to use their admin details to log into system manager. First add the masters IP address to the list of available machines that can be logged into, this is done via the Spotter splash screen show above. Now when you log into System Manager you can see all your slave recorders.


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