Hints and Tips – How to export clips in Mirasys Spotter

To export a video in Spotter click the Export button in the bottom left of Spotter.


Then double click to open the camera(s) you want to export, then drag and drop them into the Export section in the bottom left.


Select the times you want to export between by dragging and dropping the Start and End indicators on the Timeline.


Once you have selected the data you wish to export click the Start Export button. In the Box that appears you can select a format, name and save location for the video. When entering a custom name for the exported video a common issue is the use of symbols, avoid using . , ; : – and other symbols, as we are limited by the Microsoft naming format which doesn’t use these.


When playing back an exported video in .avi format with Windows Media Player the date and time text from the recorder will not be shown in the video. To see the Time, Date and Camera names you must export the video using the .asf format and playback the exported footage using the provided Mirasys Media Player. The Media Player is found in the export folder along with the clip. If you export the clip to another location the Export function will put a copy of the Media player there as well.


When using the Mirasys Media Player you can view more than 1 camera at a time. When performing the export you just need to drag and drop more than one camera into the export box. When playing this sort of exported clip in Windows Media Player you will find that multiple windows appear and this can sometimes be unusable.  If you use the Mirasys Media Player the clip will open all the cameras in 1 view, you can also double click on the camera to open it in a larger view or you can double click on it again to shrink the view back down to the normal size – this allows you to view all the cameras at the same time.


You can also import previously exported clips using the Spotter Offline function which will let you use the Spotter away from the network.


Run the Spotter Player Executable which will log you on and then Open Media.




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