Mobile video surveillance considerations

Do your surveillance staff need access to your security out of hours? Across multiple sites? Would they like to be able to view and control PTZ cameras and locks and lights remotely? Playback live and recorded video footage? Remote video surveillance allows you to monitor your security system from anywhere through a laptop or a PC via a web browser or from a smartphone or tablet, such as iPhone, iPad or Android.

This is what you need to know to get most of your remote monitoring system:

1. What is the network capable of handling in terms of video data?

Larger files associated with megapixel cameras are difficult to transmit across low bandwidth networks like standard upload internet connections, so expect slow updates and limited access to the image data. This is even more of an issue when it comes to viewing files across the 3G/4G network – selecting the right camera’s and associated resolution is, therefore, essential when designing a system that will enable mobile access.

2. Ensure that the interface is simple to use on the mobile device

Keep it simple – on small screen devices, complex user interfaces could be confusing. The ultimate aim of surveillance on-the-go is to improve efficiency within the business by allowing surveillance experts to multitask, and also by allowing non-typical users to access video and security information while away from the office environment. A simple to use interface is, therefore, essential.

3.Ensure the system is secure, controllable and manageable

Although remote surveillance has many advantages, such wide access to data video, data also presents a challenge. To address this, the VMS must ensure that only authorised users can access CCTV information by using both password protection and user rights management. These controls should be centralised within the overriding VMS to ensure that appropriate rules are applied to all remote access users. As standard, the system should ensure that each user is locked out of the remote surveillance application after short periods of inactivity to further protect data. It is also important to ensure that each portable device is appropriately secured at the hardware level through PIN codes as an extra preventative measure.


Mirasys VMS includes a free mobile client app, Spotter Mobile, which enables end users to view live and recorded video from any camera in their surveillance system via Android and iOS devices.

Users are able to access the system using the same log-in details for the desktop client application Spotter.
Spotter Mobile includes the following features:

  • Real-time viewing and playback
    • Up to 4 cameras on the screen simultaneously
  • PTZ camera control
    • Control with screen touch
    • Option for tours
  • Search tool
  • I/O device management
  • Alarm list

Download free Mirasys Spotter Mobile for Android

Download free Mirasys Spotter Mobile for iPhone and iPad



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