Backups – what is included

Everyone knows how important back-ups are and we have previously talked about what to keep backed up. As part of this we talked about .vbk files. In this article we now go into more detail about what is backed up in these .vbk files.

The “.vbk” files are zip compressed files, so if you take a copy of a .vbk file and rename the extension to “.zip”, you can view what is in it.


The backup.xml in the dvms\dvr folder is what determines what is backed up for DVRServer.

The smBackup.xml in the dvms\SystemManagement folder determines what is backed up for SMServer.

We can add to these lists to include extra data to back up.

In some cases the camera presets are stored on the camera, and in others on the server. When they are stored on the server, they are backed up, but when stored only in the camera, they are not. If the device (camera, encoder, etc.) supports preset saving with name, then presets are stored on the device only. A lot of devices do not support this as they only have IDs (preset number) and they are unable to save preset names. In this case the driver saves a “map” file with a relationship between the device preset ID and the DVMS preset name – such a file has the format <DRIVER_BRAND>_<DEVICE_MAC>.preset, for example: Hikvision_8ce7487946bf.preset

All this means that our back-up files contain all the information required to restore a server back to how it should be if the worst happens.


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