Easy integrations possible with Mirasys VMS

To make integration with third party devices easy and to help expand your surveillance system with new functionalities, Mirasys provides you with a Software Develop Kit (SDK).  Mirasys SDK package includes programming applications to control, communicate and exchange data with multiple systems such as access control, intruder alarm, fire alarms, POS, ATM and alarm monitoring centers.

Mirasys currently supports the following integration layers:

– Text based messaging interfaces (Category 1):

  • Universal Data Driver (UDD) – simple text and XML based integrations; support for the acquisition and recording of text data from other systems
  • Universal Output Driver (UOD) – output actions through TCP or external program execution
  • HTTP/HTTPS I/O Driver – output actions via HTTP/HTTPS messages

The Category 1 integration works as a 1-way messaging system. Mirasys listens to a port with a 3rd party configured to send messages to Mirasys VMS. Our software then acts upon that message with alarms and other preconfigured actions.

– Client application SDKs (Category 2):

  • Gateway SDK – gateway service customisation and external access, including access control, profile handling, real-time video streaming, playback video streaming, recording activity search, PTZ control, digital I/O, server events, alarms, media clip export, and metadata
  • Spotter Plug-in SDK – Spotter application customisation and extensions/add-ons, including third party plug-ins, toolbars, and video components, layout controls through HTTP WebAPI
  • Archive SDK – to open and view archives, to playback single and multiple streams in a synchronised way, to search for footage based on time, to export clips from the archive

– Other APIs interfaces (Category 3):

  • SMServer Event Provider API – integration of alarm events to 3rd party systems (with special license)
  • Watchdog Event Provider API – integration of system monitoring events to 3rd party systems (with special license)
  • Web HTTP/HTTPS APIs for system use and management
  • Other APIs and interfaces for device drivers, and image analysis

Mirasys SDK



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