Mirasys Storyboard – export one single video and reduce bandwidth

In the previous blog we covered how to export media in order to preserve the data or to hand it over to the authorities for evidence.

The way we present the exported footage has become increasingly important. With high resolution cameras and digital zoom being used to enhance footage within our interface Spotter, often it can be hard to show the evidence in a court or to the authorities without using Spotter. It can look unprofessional and is confusing to constantly be opening and closing clips and showing clips that often have long periods that are of no interest for evidence. To help reduce these issues and to make the media useful we have created a new feature for collecting the footage and oranising it – Mirasys Storyboard. Now you can prepare evidence and footage tailored for the different requirements of the police, courts or security staff.

Mirasys Storyboard reduces your bandwidth needs and allows you to create and export one single video containing different separate clips from multiple cameras. This clip is shown without a huge gap between clips which saves time for the user and makes for a more seamless experience. The Mirasys Storyboard can contain 63 camera streams and you can play clips sequentially in the desired order or simultaneously in grid and export “movie” with bookmarks and comments.



Mirasys Storyboard features:

  • Maintain complete material authenticity
  • View material in sequential playback mode or in an all-cameras real-time mode
  • Add comments and descriptions
  • Playback in continuous replay mode
  • Navigate inside the storyboard with the powerful time slider
  • Save drafts and share the storyboard to other users

Watch the video tutorial



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