Media Export for court evidence

We get different scenarios presented to us at Mirasys that require the exporting of videos to be used as evidence so it is important for us to be able to present the videos in ways that are useful in court. We have a media player and a stand alone Spotter player which can be placed on removable media devices to make this process easier, useful and more professional.

Some of our newer features allow for bookmarking of an event which makes events easier to find in the future, when clicked on they open all the cameras involved into the tab for viewing. These can be shared with other users which allow them to be easily reviewed days or weeks after. For events that span multiple time references we also have a storyboard feature that can be used to create 1 event out of 2 events separated by a gap.

It is possible to export a media clip based an event which involves exporting numerous cameras to a file that can then be played back.  The file can be played in windows media player, Mirasys media player or in a stand alone off-line Spotter player (7.4.3 onward). This allows the exported media to be played off site or in court.

The Spotter off-line player is designed to work with no connection to your recording server, this means you don’t need a username & password and you won’t have access to your cameras and recording. What it offers is all the normal tools that you have available to you in Spotter but away from your system (such as in a court room).

To use the Spotter  off-line player and all of its tools you just need to supply the footage. To do this you can import your previously exported footage from Spotter into Spotter off-line. Once imported you can zoom, de-warp and even export new clips.

It is also possible to adjust the exported ASF clip quality down from the default 90% setting.

If your customer is using high resolution, high frame rate cameras, then sometimes the clip size can be an issue.  By default the clips are 40-60% smaller than previous releases, because we implemented changes where not each frame is encoded as a key frame.

Further clip size reduction can be achieved by reducing the quality setting via MediaExporter.exe.config file (located in c:\users\[user]\AppData\Roaming\DVMS\spotter\7.4.3 directory)

The value to adjust is “EncodingQuality” and the default value is 90.


After any adjustment, save the file and restart Spotter.

Going down to 50% for example further reduces clip size to about 10% of the original, but it does look slightly lower quality at this point already. I think 75% still looks quite good and reduces clip size.


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