Searching Footage

Most security cameras are  unmonitored, they are there to record events and not used to alert security of events in progress. This makes it important that any user can search footage at increased speeds and search for events that they may have otherwise missed.

If a car is broken into at a  car park then someone will have to spend time searching the footage for the event – this can waste a lot of time.  Mirasys has developed a number of tools (plug-ins) that aid the user in searching recorded footage for events.


Alarm search


If you have configured alarms in the system this plug-in will allow you to search all of the alarms that have occured during the times specified. Such as motion based alarms – so if a camera detects motion then it can be used to trigger an alarm.

Motion search


Allows you to draw a search area over the camera and will then show all motion that has occured in that area for the camera between the times specified. If you have a camera overlooking a car park and someone reports an accident (car being dinged) you can draw a search area over the accident area and search backwards to see what happened and when.

Thumbnail search


The thumbnail search is to be used to help you narrow down the data based on what can be seen. The first set of thumbnails can cover a large time period, you can then click on one and drill down into that time period as more thumbnails are produced for you to drill down on again.

Text data search


Mirasys integrates with a lot of third parties, mostly by text channels. When they have an alert (such as a door being forced) they will send us a text based message which we can act upon. Not all of these messages may be acted upon but if you want to see what messages have been sent and when then we can have a search of them between the specified times.

Fast backward and forward play back speeds


If all other search means have failed then you can use the ultra-fast play back modes to quickly look thorugh the data at 64 times normal the speed. You can also do this rewind mode with multiple cameras allowing you to follow a person walking between multiple cameras.

We will discuss in another blog how to export the footage you have found!



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