Backing Up Settings

To back up everything you need to locate and copy the key files shown below to a pendrive and keep the pendrive in a safe place separate from the machine:


The ‘Mirasys VMS X.X.X – Full Setup’ This could be ‘Mirasys VMS X.X.X – Minimum Setup’ where the X.X.X refers to the version number installed.

The ‘license KELWA8TR3J.txt’ file where the end 10 digits refer to the Serial number when the license was generated.

The ‘28.08.2015_…’ file is the back up of all the Mirasys System Manger settings which is created via the System Manager. Log into the System Manager and then click on ‘Back up settings’ under the ‘Backup’ options on the ‘System’ tab.


If you are logged onto the master you can create a back up for all the slave machines at the same time or just the local recorder. Independent of what you select all that is created is a single .vbk file named with the date and time so if you make more changes you can always create another back up.


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