Adding a new Driver

If you need to add a new driver or you want to update to a newer driver then you will need to access the Mirasys Extranet. If you don’t have a log in then you can get one by e-mailing

Once you have logged in, go to the ‘Downloads’ tab along the top. Here you will see all of our latest drivers, software and white papers. In the ‘Description Keyword’ box type the camera manufacturer or product you are after. Then on the right had side of the page click the ‘Download’ button.


To install the Driver in Mirasys you will need to load and log into System Manager. On the first tab click ‘Install Driver.’

In the window that appears you can use the spanner symbol in the top right to browse for and select the driver you wish to load. Please note that it should be a compressed file, do not un-zip the downloaded file.

If you are performing this task on a Master server then you can select which servers you wish to apply this driver too.

If you wish to roll back the driver or force it to overwrite the existing driver then use the tick box at the bottom to force it to install the driver. You can then click on the right facing arrow to perform the installation.

Once installed a new window will appear.

If you are only using 1 brand of camera you can uninstall the drivers for the other manufacturers, this can improve performance and start up speed. You can do this by clicking on ‘Install Client Drivers.’



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