RAID Setup

Modern CCTV systems require lots of storage so we often get asked a number of questions about different RAIDs; which is best, how to manage them and how to silence the infernal alarm beeps. When selecting the right RAID for your system cost and redundancy is always important. Of course most people would like the … More RAID Setup

Master/Slave set up

Setting up the master-slave recording system is useful to show all recorders and all cameras which are connected to all the recorders, so they are visible from one location. Our master-slave setup is very easy as you only ever have to log onto the Master Server and it will show you all the cameras and recorders on-site. When using … More Master/Slave set up

Using MegaRAID

In this blog we will look at what to do if your server has been  making a dreaded bleeping noise and you want to silence it! If this is happening you might have a failed disk that will need to be replaced. Normally these disks can be hot-swapped but please consult the manual for more … More Using MegaRAID

Common reasons for jerky videos: Drivers and Firmware

This blog will continue on the theme of networks and reasons why your video might be jerky and not smooth! Once you have ruled out network issues the next step to solving this problem is looking at camera drivers and firmware. There will be a camera driver that is installed in Mirasys and it will be designed … More Common reasons for jerky videos: Drivers and Firmware